SAP Products

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  • SAP ABAP Development

    Many companies struggle to find balance for their ABAP development needs on ongoing projects and production support. We offer flexible solutions from complete outsourcing of your ABAP development to backfilling your ABAP support work with remote resources. We customize our solutions to meet your company’s specific needs.

    We feature a very strong roster of talent, with our average consultant possessing 10-15 years of ABAP development experience, strong communication skills, and functional business process knowledge. Our consultants code, test, document, and support their solutions and will work with your functional team or business to lead the overall development effort.

  • SAP HANA Development

    SAP HANA is a data platform that provides everything you need to build real-time data-driven applications. We offer our expertise with SAP HANA development tools to create comprehensive analytical models and build applications with SAP HANA's programmatic interfaces and integrated development environment, including the development of native code that runs inside SAP HANA.


    Delivering a simpler and more powerful way to achieve real-time analytics by connecting historical data with live data stored in SAP and non-SAP environments. SAP BW/4HANA – is an integrated data warehouse solution optimized to fully leverage the SAP HANA in-memory platform. SAP BW/4HANA dramatically simplifies development, administration and user interface of your data warehouse resulting in enhanced business agility.

  • SAP Business Workflow

    SAP Business Workflow can be used to define business processes that are not yet mapped in the R/3 System. These may be simple release or approval procedures, or more complex business processes such as creating a material master and the associated coordination of the departments involved.

    SAP Business Workflow is particularly suitable for situations in which work processes have to be run through repeatedly, or situations in which the business process requires the involvement of a large number of agents in a specific sequence.

    You can also use SAP Business Workflow to respond to errors and exceptions in other, existing business processes. You can start a workflow when predefined events occur, for example an event can be triggered if particular errors are found during an automatic check. We offer our expertise on several workflows that map predefined business processes. These workflows do not require much implementation .

  • SAP Bank Analyzer

    SAP Bank Analyzer is an overall bank management solution that has been designed by SAP AG using a number of modules. It is made up of different layers within which data is held and includes a variety of analysis functionality, which supports analytical banking scenarios.

    The SAP Bank Analyzer provides an integrated data storage facility for both source data and results data in order to provide the basis for consistent calculations and measurement of financial objects. In this context, it is also an integral component of SAP’s Integrated Finance & Risk Architecture (IFRA).

  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI)

    SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform is a flexible and scalable information infrastructure designed to help you more easily discover and share insights for better business decisions. Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions.

    BI encompasses a variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable organizations to collect data from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to make the analytical results available to corporate decision makers as well as operational workers.

  • SAP Basis Administration

    The SAP Basis Administrator is responsible for the installation, upgrade, and maintenance of SAP systems. Additional configuring, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting the SAP technical environment, scheduling and executing the SAP transport system, design of interfaces between SAP and external systems, optimize and analyze performance issues, design architectures of the landscape.